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Rene Merle Charles

Why do you need a food dehydrator?

Why do you need a food dehydrator?

When they hear of dehydrating, many think first: Another device that takes up space in the kitchen. But once tested - it is realized that it is a wonderfully versatile appliance. What can be dried: If you now have the fruit of all sorts of surpluses from the orchard crops, or delicious fruit snacks for trips and excursions.

Fruit puree can prepare with special leaves a , I went through a lot of food dehydrator reviews  delicious dried fruit jelly. The healthy alternative to gummies - and vegetarian and vegan in that. Similarly, vegetables can be dried - dehydrated tomato or eggplant can not only preserve perfect, but also insert in spicy oil and prepare magnificent Anti-Pasti and tapas.

So you can take advantage of the excess zucchini in the garden and dry a bunch of zucchini to refine stews, spaghetti sauces and vegetable soufflé with him in the fall and winter. Even the herbs can be dehydrated in the dehydrating machine, along with onion, chili and dried garlic you can prepare mixtures of spices. This is very useful when cooking and very popular. like a gift. Especially with high quality dehydrators you can dry meat.

Dry meat is not only very convenient on long trips, it is also a tasty snack, delicious for salads and can be used in the stew. The stable low temperature is good to season for yeast doughs, so it rises well.

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